10 investment tips for beginners for NEPSE

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Nobody denies that the investment world can be extremely misleading for first-time timers.
Thankfully we are here to help you, and we have some investment tips to help you make your trip a bit easier.

invest as soon as you can

What are you waiting for if you haven’t taken the plunge yet?
If you are able to take a risk with your money and are comfortable, now might be a time to start investing.
You could miss some positive growth by delaying your investment journey – not ideal to maximize your potential profits.
It could be worth letting your FOMO take over and urge you to invest if you would like to make the most of your investment journey.
The sooner you start, the sooner your money can grow, the sooner you can join the investing world.

Invest as much or as little as you want

It is often assumed that only men wearing gray suits can invest.
It may have been true some years ago, but fortunately things have changed, and everybody can now invest.
A decent nest egg can be constructed from a small amount of money, as long as you are making regular contributions and staying there for a number of years.

Think about what you want to invest in

You will quickly realize that you have a number of different investments available to build your portfolio if you just start your investment journey and that it is important to think about what you want to invest in.
How would you like to include investment types in your portfolio?
The answer depends primarily on your risk attitude.
If you are prudent and want to minimize potential losses, safer placements like government and corporate bonds may be a choice for you as their value normally does not fluctuate greatly.
On the other hand, you could consider higher risk investments, such as shares, when you are comfortable with market movements and would like to take risk?

Diversify your portfolio

Regardless of your style of investment, trying to mitigate your risk is always a good idea.
You can diversify your portfolio by extending your money to investment types and regions if you want to limit potential losses.
Think about that. Think about it.
You could be in a nasty shocks if these businesses struggle if you invest all your money in one or two businesses.
Now say that the likelihood of all your money being lost is reduced, that you buy several investments, which include a different type of investment (for example stock, bonds, property) and invest in various financial markets.

Remain calm when markets fall

Financial markets are a bit like roller coasters, they’re up and down and you must accept as an investor that the journey is probably bumpy. Of course, it can be stressful to see the markets falling, it is not denied, but it is important to stay calm if that happens.
You are going to make your losses real if you sell your investments. You will remain calm and withstand the urge to sell – only a number on your Dashboard, so if market bounces back, you will see the value of your investments increase and ultimately make profits over the long term. your investment losses will remain hypothetical.
But you can still miss the good days and potential bounce if you try to tidy up the markets and leave the gate when markets fall.

Consider the long term

Let’s be frank, most of us don’t like waiting.
Patience is becoming less common in a world where you can get delivery next day or watch TV on demand.
And yet, you will have to be patient and think about the long-term if you are serious about investing and want to maximize your potential profit.
The longer you continue to invest, the more likely you are to make a profit, according to many studies.


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